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The Mobile Cadets: Roster, April 24, 1861

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Struck by lightning, this bust is all that remains of the life size figure that topped the Mobile Cadets column at Magnolia Cemetery.

Struck by lightning, this bust is all that remains of the life size figure that topped the Mobile Cadets column at Magnolia Cemetery.

127 Volunteers, (age and rank), of the Mobile Cadets, Captain Robert M. Sands –– as of their departure from Mobile aboard the Steamship St Nicholas, bound for Montgomery –– April 24, 1861.

        “At the wharf a halt and a ‘rest’ were ordered, and then came the last leave-taking of mothers, sisters, sweethearts, wives; the handshaking of friends and companions, the blessings of old men, the final exhortation of father to son, the sobs and tears of agonized women. There was a feeling of relief when the command ‘Attention’ cut short the painful scene. A few minutes later, the two companies [the Cadets shipped out with  Captain Gracie’s Washington Light Infantry] had formed again on the upper deck of the steamer…the whole population of Mobile had assembled to bid ‘God speed’ to the brave young hearts…Now the shrill whistle of the steamer, the splash of revolving wheels, the booming of salute guns…”  – Henry Hotze

Allen, Thos. B.,  27, Bookkeeper, Saunders & Sons

Armistead, Edward Herbert,  22, Clerk: Moore, LeSeuer & Darden

Armistead, Robert B.,*  34, Attorney

Austill, William Henry,  21, Civil Engineer

Averill, William H.,  27, Merchant

Bacon, John P.,  22, Clerk

Baker, James/Joseph McC. Jr., 23, Clerk

Battle, Samuel G., 19, Clerk: Rives, Battle & Co.

Berry, Daniel P.,  26, Merchant

Brieglet, Julius,  26, Accountant

Broun, James Harleston 5SGT,  31, Cotton Weigher, A. Broun & Son

Brown, Thomas P. 3LT,  28, Clerk: O. Mazange & Co.

Burke, John A.,  25, Accountant: McDowell, Withers & Co.

Burns, John,  21, Clerk

Carter, William Cecil,  19, Student

Caulfield, William M.,  16, Clerk: Eckford & Weaver

Cavallero, J. Gasper S.,  23, Fireman’s Insurance Co.

Chidsey, Strong Minor,  28, Clerk: J. Hesse & Co.

Chighizola, John Batiste,  18, Clerk

Clarke, John or Joseph G. Jr.,  19, Student

Cleveland, Joseph A.,  22, Cotton Weigher

Cohen, Jacob H.,  26, Bookkeeper: S.I. & I.I. Jones

Colsson, Edward,  23, Clerk: J.B. Fellows & Co.

Coming, William A., 26, Clerk

Coster, Robert Dickson,  20, Bookkeeper: Coster & Co.

Cullum, Ambrose R.,  33, Clerk

Davis, Edward/Edgar William,  23, Clerk: Goodman & LeBaron

Deas, Henry A.,  33, Cotton Weigher

Dickinson, Dr. William B.,  24, Physician

Drummond, William L.,  35, Steamboat Clerk

Dunlevy, A.F.,  35, Merchant

Dunn, Columbus,   27, Clerk: John Reid & Co.

Easton, Edwin William,  21, Law student: Univ. of Virginia

Emanuel, Thomas King,  25, Clerk: H.O. Brewer & Co.

Eskridge, Joseph N.,  22, Clerk

Evans, Vivian Rutherford,  20, Clerk: Evans Cotton Press

Fearn, John Walker,  29, Yale ’51, soon transfers to the CSA Diplomatic Corps.

Forsyth, Charles M.  2LT,  25, son of Editor John Forsyth, Mobile Register

Fowler, William P.,  27, Clerk

Foy, Frederick D.,  23, Clerk: Mobile & Ohio R.R.

Foy, Henry H.,  17, Clerk

Fry, Thomas Slaughter,  23, Clerk: Walsh, Smith & Co.

Gazzam, George G., 3Cpl,  28, Iron foundry

George, Edward “Ned” V.,  34, Cotton Broker

George, Stephen “Jack” G.,  28, Cotton Broker

Goldthwaite, Henry,  19, Student: Princeton

Gunnison, Van Buren,  29, Clerk

Hamilton, William Patrick,  24, Clerk: Alabama Mutual Insurance

Harrison, James M.,  28, Cotton Merchant

Hartman, William “Zou,” Drum Major,  37, Silk Dyer

Hastings, Joseph S.,  23

Hearn, Robert W.,  27, Clerk

Herpin, Theodore J.,  32

Higley, John Hunt 1LT,  30

Holcombe, George C.,  21, Clerk

Holt, William Bolling,  24, Clerk

Hotze, A. Henry,  26, Associate Editor, Mobile Register

Huger, Daniel Elliott 1SGT,  26, Cotton Classer: Z.C. Deas & Co.

Hurxthal, John W.,  24, Clerk: Dade, Hurxthal & Co.

Ingraham, Charles LeBaron,  22, Accountant

Johnston, Archibald S.,  25, Accountant

Jones, T. Oscar,  26, Clerk: S.I. & I.I. Jones

Kelly, William Harrison Jr.,  24, Furniture Merchant

Keeler, Oliver L.,  29, Clerk

Krebbs Rene L. P.,  22, Accountant

LeBaron, Richard deCantlin 2Cpl,  21, Clerk: Bank of Mobile

Ledyard, Erwin,  20, Clerk: Ledyards & Schroeder Cotton Factors

Ledyard, William M.,  26, Merchant

Leslie, Franklin A.*, 42, Watchmaker, Jeweller

Lockwood, Paul S. Lee,  30, Bookkeeper: Harrison & Bostwick

Lyon, John,  28, Lawyer

Macartney, Thomas M.,  21, Law Student

Maguire, Henry A.,  20, Clerk

Manning, Reeder,  ?, Bookkeeper: J.O. Cummings & Co.

Mathews, Fletcher Few,  @16, Student

Mathews, Robert M.,  25, Clerk

McNeill, William Stoddard 3Cpl,  22, Clerk: Geo. Martin & Son

Moffatt, Robert M.,  23, Clerk

Mordecai, Jacob Granville,  21, Marker: A. Broun & Son

Moreland, William S., Sgt Major,  33, Bank Teller: Bank of Mobile

Mulden, James Michael Jr.,  25, Merchant: Muldon & Sons

Murray, Alfred R. 4SGT,  31, Clerk: Hinson & Holt

Neville, William Jr.,  24, Clerk

Nicholl, Thomas A.,  23, Clerk

Nott, Dr. James Deas,  24, Univ. of Pennsylvania; Heidelberg: Surgeon

Oliver, Starke Hunter,  23, Clerk

Pippin, John H.,  26, Clerk

Pollard, Joseph,  21, Student: Univ. of Alabama

Preston, Simon Franklin,  22, Clerk

Price, Jacob E.,  21, Clerk: Price Hardware

Prichard, Cleveland M.,  21

Quinn, Robert M.,  29, Bookkeeper: Roulston & Gardien

Redwood, John Marshall,  19, Student, Univ. of Virginia

Reynolds, Bejamin F. Jr.,  28, Accountant: Goodman & LeBaron Grocers

Reynolds, James C.,  23, Hardware Merchant

Richardson, Wilson E.,  24, Clerk

Roberts, James A.,  20, Clerk

Rohmer, William Bell,  19, Student, Springhill College

Roudet, Pierre “Pete” C.,  26

Sands, Robert Martin, Capt.,  35

Scott, Thomas James,  24, Lawyer

Sengstacks, Henry “Harry” Herman,  30, Cotton Buyer

Smith, J. Morgan,  19, Planter’s Son; Student, Univ. of Georgia

Soto, John A.,  28, Druggist

Spotts, Samuel W. B.,  22, Clerk: Rives, Battle & Co.

St. John, Alexander Pope,  21, Clerk: St John & Co. Exchange Brokers

Steedman, John Lemuel,  23, Clerk: Averill, Rice & Co.

Stewart, Frederick G.,  28, Cotton Broker

Stewart, James G.,  28, Steamboat Captain

Stockley, William H.,  21, Bookkeeper

Stuart, Charles C.,  23, Clerk

Toomer, Wiley Gaither,  21, Clerk: Richards, McGinnis & Co.

Toulmin, Harry Theophilus,  26, Univ. of Virginia; Lawyer

Vass, Douglas,  2SGT,  30, Merchant

Walsh, George Washington,  32, Clerk

Waring, S. Bartlett,  24, Clerk

Waterhouse, Edward K.,  24, Jeweller/Watchmaker

Waters, William,  24

Weeks, Nicholas Jr.,  18

Wetherby, Thomas O.,  20, Clerk

Wheeler, Daniel Jr.,  19, Clerk

Willis, William Byrd,  25 (joined at Lynchburg, 5-7-61)

Witherspoon, Thomas Casey  3SGT,  25, Accountant

Woodcock, Andrew B.,  23, Druggist

Wylie, John H.,  31, Shipping Merchant

Yniestra, Brunaugh F.  4SGT,  26, Jeweller: Pearce & Co.

Yniestra, Moses Gonzalez,  24, Jeweller

* Omitted from the roster at Lynchburg, 5-4-61 due to size restriction of companies in the Confederate army.