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The Mobile Rifles: Roster, April 23, 1861

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108 Officers and men (age and rank) of the Mobile Rifles Militia; Roster as of their boarding the steamer Selma, bound for Montgomery, April 23, 1861.

“It must have been with no ordinary feelings of pride that Woodruff led forth from the Armory Hall (where he dressed their ranks with as accurate an eye as if they were to be inspected by the President), the brave followers whom he had so faithfully and skillfully trained in the use of arms…With them are associated a large number of the new recruits, selected from numerous applicants who sought admission to the Corps, well-knowing they were about to come under the command of one who tolerates no infringement or neglect of military rule. It is the strictness which has made the Rifles the pride of Mobile.”

— The Mobile Register

Adams, James K. 3LT,  35

Atkins, William Thomas, 19

Aubert, Aristide Louis,  26

Bailey, John Chaucer,  ?

Baumer, Joseph, Drummer, 14, (ward of Capt. Woodruff)

Bryant, Jacob, 23

Buford, John Crittenden 1SGT,  26

Burton, Horatio/Horace,  25

Butt, Melville C.,  23

Campbell, Bayles Earle, 19

Cherry, William W.,  22

Child, Dr. Duff D.,  27

Childress, Jeff V.,  ?

Clark, Charles H.,  22

Colburn, John H.,  26

Collier, Charles Crowe,  22

Cooper, Thomas E.,  20

Crawford, W.D.   ?

Crowder, Eli H.,  29

Daily, James,  2SGT,  32

Dawson, Joseph G.  ?

DeBell, Robert Francis,  22

Donaldson, Henry, “Shanghai”  34

Duffie, George G.,  26

Dunlap, George Hamilton Jr.,  22

Ellis, John Beach,  22

Ellis, William L.,  22

Foster, James Fleetwood,  18

Fowler, John D., 2CPL, [26]

Gardner, William H.,  28

Garrow, William M.,  19

Gazzam, William P.,  [21]

Geaudreau, William A., 3SGT,  [25]

Goodloe, George,  27

Goodman, Leonard H., 22

Goodwin, John W., 5SGT,  33

Gould, James Perine,  16

Greenwood, Wm. Henry H.,  27

Grist, William B.,  21

Harwell, Charles R.,  18

Haughton, Robert H.,  24

Henry, Thomas Jr.,  24

Hodges, John C. Jr.,  22

Howard, James E. M.,  @19

Hoyt, James Henry, 19

Hoyt, John Keais, 4SGT,  20

Hurter, John Christopher,  19

Hutchinson, Francis S.,  [21]

Inerarity, John W.,  22

Innerarity [sic], John E. DeVilliers,  20

Jackson, Joseph A.,  [27]

Jenks, John Matthew,  23

Johnston, G. Floyd,  [19]

Jones, William M., (20)

Jordan, Richard Bartholomew,  21

Keeler, Charles Alfred,  27

Keith, John H.,  27

Labuzan, Charles Jr.,  21

Lake, John Jemison,  23

Lathrop, George F.,  20

Lavender, Wright H.,  20

Lecesne, Thomas Jr.,  20

Loper, William E.,  @28

Manning, James,  19

Marrast, John Calhoun, 1LT,  35 (Servant John C)

Maybrey, Peter L.,  27

Mayrant, Robert Woodruff,  32

McDonald, William M. Jr.,  22

McGuire, Albert Galister,  27

Moore, John F.,  [21]

Mosby, B. McRae,  19

Mosby, Edward Chamberlayne Jr.,  24

Monelle, Robert A.,  19?

Neville, Samuel Alexander,  18

O’Brien, William J.,  24

Pairo, Samuel H.,  19

Parker, Arthur C.,  ?

Pope, Charles H.,  17

Post, James B.,  28

Powers, William H.,  20

Punch, Archibald Malloy,  18

Robeson, William B.,  21

Roper, Benjamin Franklin,  25

Ryder, Corbet Autin,  28

Simonton, Gilbseath F. Jr.   ?

Singleterry, Frank C.,  29

Skinner, Joseph Harvey,  25

Smith, Thomas M.,   ?

Smith, William G., 1CPL, [@26?]

Smoot, Alfred E.,  27

Sullivan, William Henry,  19

Swain, Harvey Jr.,  17

Taylor, David S.,  17

Taylor, Joseph H.,  [19]

Thompson, Archibald Simpson “Sim,”  21

Thompson, Joseph Savier,  22

Treat, William Hamilton,  20

Vidmer, John,  25

Watkins, Charles W.,  18

Weedon, John, 2LT,  25

Whitehurst, Charles C.,  28

Williams, Isaac S.,  20

Williams, Robert H.,  @24

Williamson, Daniel H.,  [24]

Wilson, Henry Felix,  24

Woodcock, Benjamin S.,  25

Woodruff, Lewis T., CAPTAIN,  45

Yeates, Joseph James,  22