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The Gulf City Guards, Roster: April 23, 1861

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The 92 officers and men (age and rank) of the Gulf City Guards Militia, as of their boarding the steamer Selma, bound for Montgomery, April 23, 1861. “This is a fine and gallant company [the Gulf City Guards], of the flower of Mobile. Verily has Mobile contributed 400 of her best and most chivalrous youth in the four companies that have gone North…at 5 o’clock, the Guards moved from the armory, and marched up Royal to Dauphin, and down Dauphin to the steamer ‘Selma,’ on board of which they took passage…”                         – New Orleans Picayune   Alvarez, Alexander King,  20 Anderson, Simeon H.,  24; Anderson, William T.,  24; Ayers, William C.,  21

Ballufoy, Francis C. ; Bartee, J. Frank,; Bealle, Crawford Montgomery,  19; Bingham, Charles Ogden, 1SGT,  31; Bostwick, William W.,  19; Branch, Thomas W.,  22; Bullis, Halsted C.,

Campbell, Charles C.,  18; Carver, Thomas J. Jr.,  18; Chappell, William A.; Comegys, William Crawford,  24; Cooke, James Jarvis,  27; Cotlin, John Joseph, Jr.,  24; Couch, Edgar William,  18; Couch, James E.,  22; Crane, Julius M.; Cuthbert, Octavius,  20;

Dailey, James,  Musician,  [30]; Deas, Thomas Jerome,  20; Dent, George Truman,  19; Donovan, Octavius C.,  22; Downe, Charles W.,  28

Ellis, Henry J.,  1CPL,  25; England, Richard,  24

Flannery, Matthew W.,  23; Ford, Edward C.,  22; Griffing, Hiram L., [2]CPL,  24; Hall, Alexander P.,  34; Hall, Benjamin R., ; Hall, Willis Edgar/Emerson,  19; Hampshire, Francis P.,  20; Harris, Willmond C.,  21; Hartean, Samuel W. ; Hartwell, William, Captain,  41; Hawthorn, Keeler Hartwell,  20; Holland, Jacob F., 1LT,  27; Hollingsworth, James B.,  23; Holmes, John W. Jr.,  19; Hudson, John J.; Huggins, Charles R.,  21; Hunt, James P.

Kellogg, Quincy A.,  25

Langdon, Lewis B.,  21; Langdon, Daniel Webster, 3SGT,  28; Lavalette, John L.,  23; Lee, Samuel B.; Lee, Hugh Alison,  24; Lethwaite, Alexander E.,  [21]; Lewis, John H.,  24

Mahorner, Matthew,  22; McVoy, Wilberforce; Melville, Thomas H.,  [23]; Merrill, Willis M. , [13–17]; Monk, William Harrison,  18

Nash, Franklin J.,  3CPL, 21

Partridge, Daniel Jr.,  2SGT,  24; Partridge, William, @20; Payne, John,  24; Pillson, William A.; Punch, John Asbury,  20

Randall, James F.,  23; Rea, George H.,  21; Richey, Robert,  26; Robbins, Arthur Ferris, 2LT(jg), 23; Rondeau, Henry W.,  21; Russell, Simeon J.M.,  [28?]

Sharpe, Gordon,  22; Shaw, Robert H.,  [22;] Sheffield, Frederick Augusta, 5SGT,  23; Sheffield, Robert Paul, [4]Cpl,  20; Simpson, John Richard, 2LT(sr),  28; Spencer, Francis E.,   21; Spencer, Thomas A.,  24; Steele, Charles,  30; Steele, William H.,  22; Sturdivant, Norwood,  20; Summersell,  George Fishweek,  22; Summersell, William Fishweek,  25

Tarleton, William W.,  21; Taylor, John T.,  20; Toomer, Edward Terry

Vail, Lovick C.,  17

Ward, George Emory,  29; Weaver, Walter T., 21; White, Emmett J.; Wilkins, Sidney T.,  20; Wragg, Henry Clay, 21

Young, Samuel A.,

An additional 13 volunteers joined the company, May ’61: Barker, Walter B.,,  age 19; 5-10-61 “at Mobile” by John Curren Bestor, John T.,   age?; 5-15-61 at Mobile Bibb, Thomas H. Jr., [21]; 5-22-61 at Mobile Brooks, Samuel Berry,  21; 5-22-61 at Mobile Hudson, James, age ?; 5-15-61 at Mobile Johnston, Henry C.,  @25?; 5-10-61 at Mobile Keines, Leander J., 24?; 5-18-61 at Mobile Pardieu, Lucian B., 30; 5-22-61 at Mobile Richardson, Samuel H.,  29; 5-22-61 at Mobile Sheehan, Francis,  19; 5-22-61 at Mobile Shotwell, Reuben H., 31; 5-22-61 at Mobile Turner, Jacob Henry,  18; 5-22-61 at Mobile Turner, George Elmore,  20; 5-22-61 at Mobile